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  • Doctor Doug in the Morning

    Doctor Doug will get you up and going in the morning with great music, news, weather and what's happening on island. Plus what year did this stuff happen, Doctor Doug's trivia and YOUR phone calls and whats app messages.

  • Afternoon Drive with Tim

    Picking the kids up from school or just fighting with that drive home traffic, Tim has Cayman's Greatest Hits to make it a little bit better

  • Forgotten Retro Radio Show

    Forgotten Retro Radio plays the forgotten songs of the 70s, 80s, and 90s...

  • Non-Stop Gold

    Playing you non-stop music from the ages...classic hits, music from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.

  • Gold at Night

    As the sun goes down, Gold will be there. No matter what your evening plans you can rest assured that your evening soundtrack of Cayman's Greatest Hits never disappoints.

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  • FIRST Annual Cayman Agouti Day

    What's Going On

    Let's be honest, at times the past couple of years in Cayman have felt like Ground Hog Day, but Cayman doesn't have Ground Hog Day or Groundhogs or seasons....but we do have Agouti's!

  • Arrive Alive 345

    What's Going On

    Compass Media’s Purple Ribbon Pledge (PRP) focuses on drivers to take the pledge not to drink and drive. Drivers can show their pledge by picking up their Purple Ribbon decal and keeping it on the vehicle for the holiday season. The Designated Driver (DD) campaign runs simultaneously.

  • The Stoners' Cancer Society fundraiser

    What's Going On

    Usually, parents set examples for their children, but Iris Stoner's son, Adam, has motivated her to do good. 

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