FIRST Annual Cayman Agouti Day

Let's be honest, at times the past couple of years in Cayman have felt like Ground Hog Day, but Cayman doesn't have Ground Hog Day or Groundhogs or seasons....but we do have Agouti's! 

Come down to the FIRST Annual Cayman Agouti Day with Tim & Teri at the Cayman Parrot Sanctuary at Tukka East, Saturday, February 5th from 12-4pm where Cayman's Agouti "Little Bit" will be deciding whether Cayman will be receiving 6 more weeks of the "Christmas breeze"!

It's all about WHAT he chooses to do with the official "nut stash". If "Little Bit" eats a nut, then brace yourself for the summer heat. If he buries a nut, then we keep the cool Christmas breezes!

Live music from Agouti Stew, food and drinks from Tukka East, face-painting and hermit crab races.

It's a fun-filled family day you won't want to miss!


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